Kitten Crazy Level: 420

DISCLAIMER! I do not allow the cat on the kitchen counter. Ever. The catnip made him lose his mind. I’m not sure why Kitten has recently developed an affinity for cooking surfaces either..


I was in my study writing a post about New York bagels and listening to iTunes and I kept hearing a plastic bag rustle, but I didn’t really pay any attention. After about 10 minutes it finally occurred to me. I ran to the kitchen and this is what I saw…




We were at the flea market earlier that day and we picked up some catnip along with a few other plants. I guess he smelled it from the floor, because the counters in the kitchen are 100% off-limits. He is never up there. Yes, it was bad that he was on surfaces where we prepare food, but I figured he’d already been there for a few minutes so taking a couple of pictures wouldn’t hurt anything…

2 thoughts on “Kitten Crazy Level: 420

  1. so how did you train the cat that the counter is off limits? Ours is always jumping on the counter and I don’t want to use aversive conditioning like spraying her with water!

    • We normally just say “Hey!” kind of loudly and clap once or twice. The loud noise usually scares him off of things. Since cats do like to be up on things, I’ve heard that if you have some other high surface that they are allowed to be on, it will help. That way they can still be high up, but not on a place where you don’t want them.

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