The Best Food is Whole Foods


See what they did there?…  Anyway… I was just at the Whole Foods Market for dinner, it’s absolutely my favorite place, and I discovered that not only do they have delicious foods, but they also have great local events like cooking classes and cheese clubs.




Whole Foods is a large food chain that adds the local touch. They sell plenty of local produce and their dining areas often feature art from local artists.


And then there’s this…


Vegan Meatballs! They actually taste like meatballs too. Do you know how long it has been since this vegetarian has had anything like that? Needless to say, I was very excited. I am still all in support of local business, but with Whole Foods you get some of both! If you’re blessed enough to have one in your area, go check it out. Take a cooking class. Become a cheese monger!

4 thoughts on “The Best Food is Whole Foods

  1. Whole Foods is both awesome and awful for me. It feels like a black hole for my money, and thank goodness the nearest WF is a good 20 mins away from me. That being said, my favorite lunch spot with one of my friends is hitting up the hot bar and we go whenever we get a chance!

    • haha I am in the same predicament! I love it, but my wallet is less excited by it. I always try to stop there on road trips too. That way it’s still good, hot and fast food, but not as bad for you as most other places…. Talking about it is making me hungry…

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