Cats and “Hey Girl”… what could be better?

Domestic Imperfection hosted a Hey Girl link party for Valentines Day. I realize I’m a little late getting on this one, but better late than never! Even though I’m only in my 20’s, I’m already a crazy old cat lady at heart, so I thought it would only be right to Hey Girl my cat…


If you don’t know what “Hey Girl” is, it’s just a silly thing someone started by putting text saying “Hey girl…” and then some cute little saying. Here’s an example:


My favorite one that Ashley at Domestic Imperfection posted was one of her son…


Really cute right? I’m linking mine to the rest of the party, you should go check them out here! Some are ridiculously funny!

Cross-Eyed Monster

What is it about cats that makes it necessary for them to crawl into every open door, cabinet, crevice or in this case, carpet roll?


We also have a Husky who sheds on EVERYTHING. We were in the process of de-hairing our floors when we threw all the rugs outside. When we went back to get them all, this is what we found.


Pretty cute, huh? I was able to get a few quick pictures before the dog came over and sniffed his butt, which caused a minor heart attack on the cat’s part. They actually get along pretty well. By “pretty well” I mean they try to each pretend the other doesn’t exist. That’s good enough for me!

Kitten is the cats name (I’m not good with the whole naming thing, obviously. Hopefully, I improve before I have kids. I have a feeling naming all of my children “Baby Human” would be frowned upon) and the dogs name is Keen. It’s a good thing he was already named when we got him. If not, I’m afraid he would have been “Puppy” or “Little Husky Puppy” if I were feeling fancy. I guess it’s only fair to put a picture of “Little Husky Puppy” on here too…