Pulse: The Beat of Song and Dance

I got a text message at 7AM yesterday asking if I wanted to go see some performance at the Asolo Theatre called “Pulse: The Beat of Song and Dance.” I had definitely never heard of it before, but I thought, “Sure! Why not?!” I’m so glad that I chose to go! First, the tickets were free. Second, they ended up being box seats with a great view. Thirdly, it was opening night and the world premier!


Beyond that though, the performances were some of the best I had ever seen! The whole show was packed with talent, humor and energy from start to finish. Here are a few of the number that I was able to record…



The show will be at the Asolo until June 16 and I HIGHLY recommend that you go see it! I have never seen another show like it, and my video samples do not do it justice!


Barbershop Dance Party

When traveling, it’s always best to just go with the flow. Embrace whatever comes your way. On my first night in NYC, the first thing that came our way was a mid-week dance party in a barbershop. We had justĀ gotten in that afternoon. We checked into our hostel and then went for a short walk around our section of The City. On our way back, when most businesses were closed, we saw all the lights on in one store and the music was PUMPING! After staring inside for several minutes, while making our best sad puppy faces, we got invited inside!






They were so welcoming! It turns out the place doesn’t actually double as a nightclub, but it was just someone’s birthday.






There was an abundance of food, Corona and dance partners. It was such a blast! Vaniella even got a to-go plate!