Belle and Beast are having an Estate sale…

Maybe the house from Beauty and the Beast doesn’t actually exsist, so MAYBE this wasn’t actually their house, but it does have a nice library! Come on, even if you weren’t or aren’t that big of a reader, you still wanted that library when you were little. This library might actually be better (as if that’s possible) because it has a secret room!


Looks like just a regular library, but then…


Secret door!


Pretty awesome right?

Not much else going on in the way of estate sales this weekend, but there were a few other interesting things at this house…


Wine Security System 500! I think the 500 is for 500 A.D. No one would ever steal your wine with this baby…


If your unicycle is just not what it used to be, you could find a reasonably priced one here to replace it!


If you buy this chair, it would say to all of the other chairs in your home, “Imma let you finish, but I am the best dining room chair of ALL TIME.” If you don’t get that reference, please go google “Kanye West, Imma let you finish.”

Happy hunting this weekend! Hopefully there is more going on in your city than mine!

Estate and thrift, inspiration and uninspiring.

Today my good friend Linda came down to my little town and join my parents and me on one of our favorite past times, Estate sales! There were a few things that I saw today, but didn’t have the space or the money to share. First we have this adorable little breakfast nook dinette thing:


I have just never seen anything like it before! If someone knows the actualy name for it, please let me know. I feel certain that “breakfast nook dinette thing” cannot possibly be correct.I even love the washed out light blue color of it. Anyway, next we have a beautiful solid wood bed frame. Again, I have no spot for it┬áin my house, but┬áit was just too gorgeous to not get a mention:


It could be because I just watched Pride and Prejudice yesterday, but I feel like this bed frame comes right from a Jane Austin novel. Lastly (for “the good” anyway) I saw these cast iron patio table that were really different:


I just liked them. Nothing else to say about that! Now for the BAD. First we have Linda’s unique toilet paper holder:


After the estate sales and the local farmers market, we decided to hit up a thrift store that always has… uhhh… interesting things, shall we say. Everything was half off and while┬áI did find a cute dress and scarf… I also found this:


BUT Linda did also find $10 in a really nice pair of shorts that she tried on, so it wasn’t all bad! Always a good time with that girl! I’d love to read some comments about everyone’s best and worse sale finds!