Bicycle Commuting For A Month

That’s right! 31 whole days of only using my bicycle for the daily commute to work. In other words, 22.2 miles round trip, or a little over 500 miles in total. Not only did I get in my exercise, but I saved money on gas and I got to be outside to watch the beautiful sunrise every morning. Here are a few tips that I’d suggest if you want to try to ditch your car, like I did.


1. Go to bed! When the alarm goes off in the morning, that’s where the biggest struggle always is. You might have every intention of getting up in the morning, when it’s the night before, but you’ll think of every excuse possible to justify not getting out of bed when the time comes. Take away the excuse of, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night.” It’s one less argument you’ll have with yourself the next morning.


2. Be mindful of the weather! I don’t just mean the rain either. Cycling in the rain is nothing compared to pedaling home with a headwind! Seriously, it’s amazingly irritating. The weather variations we have in Florida are just really hot, hot and raining. All of which call for shorts and a t-shirt. Too much wind, on the other hand, calls for leaving the bicycle at home and driving yourself to work. When the going gets tough, the Tough get going. Whether or not it is windy dictates whether or not the Tough take the car or a bicycle.


3. Before you try cycling to work, drive your route and make sure it’s safe for the entirety of your journey. Bike paths haven’t always been on the forefront of all city-planners minds. You don’t want to get halfway to your destination and discover you can either ride your bike in the street dodging semis or on the grass dodging potholes.


4. If you’re going to use headphones, which I do, don’t use ear-buds or anything noise cancelling. If you’re listening to music or an e-book to pass the time, you definitely still always want to know what’s going on around you. Pay attention. Pay attention. Pay attention.


5. Give yourself plenty of time, especially in the morning. You don’t want to start your day full of stress about being on time, or arrive to work covered in sweat because you were pedaling like a crazy person. Get up early enough so you can take your time, enjoy the morning, stop to take some pictures and still have time to cool off and settle in once you get to work.


If I can go a month without taking my car to work, I can run a marathon, right? Time to start training!

Now park your car, get out the bicycle and start building those leg muscles!

11 thoughts on “Bicycle Commuting For A Month

  1. Honestly, you are very brave, congratulations for your initiative and thank you for this great sum-up! Your pictures are really beautiful, good to start my own day…. in my couch! ahah Seriously i don’t have a car (always too expensive) and i walk every single day about one hour and a half at least. I don’t understand people who use their car for every stuff they do or everywhere they go. Maybe it’s because i’ve never had a car or something, but I find that insisting on the fact that walking, cycling ect is good for health is never done enough around us. Congratulations again!

  2. I wish our area was more bike-friendly as I would love to do this. I always thought my commute was a little too long for a bike, but reading your 22.2 miles round-trip success story has me realizing that I could do it – if it were safe to ride a bike around here. People do it, of course, but I get nervous FOR them as I watch them going through huge intersections and over bridges with no bike path. Scary! Kudos to you for doing this, and good luck with the marathon training.

    • That’s too bad that you’re neighborhood isn’t safe enough. If it’s not safe, you definitely are right not to risk it. Maybe it’ll get there someday! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Awesome post! That’s a really nice commute, girl! Mine is only 4.18 going to work or 4.22 coming home. Same route, not sure why the difference. World spinning, maybe?
    Anyway, thanks for finding me. I have a feeling I’m really going to love reading your blog.
    And I see you’re training for a marathon? I’m going to do my first half marathon for my 50th birthday. Yup. I’m old. never been a runner. Why not start, eh?
    where’s your marathon?

    • That’s really funny that it’s a different distance each way! Crazy! 50 is not old, especially if you’re going to run a half marathon! I hope you’ll write a post about it. I’m running the marathon in Nashville. There’s going to be bands every mile and a big party afterwards. I’m hoping that will get me through all 26 miles! We’ll see!

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