Kitten Crazy Level: Plastic Wrap

I’ve been a little silent recently because I’ve had a monumental amount of school work. Recently though, I was able to make a trip to Ikea (love that place!) to buy some mattresses. Their mattresses come in impossibly tight rolls covered in plastic. I ended up with four pieces of plastic and a large blue tarp, from the box spring, all in one big pile. For most people, that’s just a big pile of garbage. For Kitten, that is heaven. Crazy, Cross-eyed Heaven. So to apologize for my absence, I give you a few pictures of my immensely adorable Kitten…






Just. Tired.


Forget “Happy as a pig in mud.” Now it’s “Happy as a Kitten with plastic.”

7 thoughts on “Kitten Crazy Level: Plastic Wrap

    • Thank you! Is “Flame-Point” the correct name for his coloring? I have been wondering about that. I figured there had to be a more official name, other than “Orangey Siamese.” 🙂

      • My mom raised Siamese kittens for years. We had apple-head seal point (usual Siamese color) blue point and lilac point. Yours is a flame point, and gorgeous! I just have regular rescue kitties now, but they are still sweet and lovable – Caruso is a “talker” like lots of Siamese are. You can carry on a conversation with him.

  1. We have a cat that looks very much like Kitten, complete with the puzzled-looking lines on the forehead. Some people say that the flame point label is not correct, they should be called red point, but we just carry on calling ours a flame point. Our grandson has a cat with darker orange stripes all over. He named him “Orangey.”
    Thanks for the like on my blog.

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