The hazards of Picnicing in the Swiss Mountains

My Oma (Grandmother) was the best travel companion. She was prepared for everything. All you had to do was mention what you needed and it would appear from some purse, bag or coat pocket. On this particular instance, we were hiking in the Swiss Mountains when we stopped for a picnic..


This is when the party crashing culprit first approached. Even in this picture, she’s behind me, but her eyes are firmly set on my grandparents. The cow must know that the best Omas are always complete with snacks…


They didn’t suspect a thing..


The cow tried to eat everything, but Oma was too quick for her. Oma is a Ninja.




Sometimes, Mom even stopped laughing long enough to help evacuate our lunch.



Leave it to Opa to really put the cow in it’s place..


But it didn’t want to take “no” for an answer…


Then it wanted to give Oma a big hug for letting it join our picnic.



But it got distracted and forgot she was there.



My Mom (Blue Jacket) was so helpful. You can really count on her in the event of a cow attack…


Thank you, Cow, for making this lunch one to remember.


16 thoughts on “The hazards of Picnicing in the Swiss Mountains

  1. I love the post so well, Cornelia Winn ^ – ^ the whole serie of photos is very stunning and sweet,too , beautiful scene, smiling faces …! What a nice day you had!

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