What a difference a little spray paint makes…

My mother bought this nice little metal cactus candlestick a while ago. It got shuffled around the house on various counter-tops with other miscellaneous things until she decided she was tired of it and I found it in our Salvation Army pile. I grabbed it out of there, probably with a few other things, and stuck it in my room because I wasn’t sure I wanted to part with it just yet. I had bought some Rust-Oleum metallic paint in “Antique Brass” for a different project that I hadn’t yet finish. Perfect! This is what I started with…


Then after two quick coats…


We actually use a lot of candles in winter time because it just seems wrong to use a heater in Florida, so I’m sure it will get some use.


3 thoughts on “What a difference a little spray paint makes…

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  2. This is really nice. I’ve only recently discovered the miracles of spray painting! Thanks for visiting my blog šŸ™‚

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