Chalkboard Everything!

Has anyone seen the little cartoon on Pinterest where the person is at their computer looking at pinterest and saying, “oh this is pretty cool.” then by the last frame their going crazy and saying “PIN EVERYTHING!” I think people do that with chalkboard paint. I have seen entire walls or closet doors online covered in chalkboard paint. I actually think it’s a cool idea… But anyway, I haven’t gone quite that crazy yet. I started with my chalkboard frame, and then I did this:


It started like this…


It was cute before, but it had some weird splotch from when I Windexed (Can Windexed be a verb?) it a while ago. I guess it stripped away some of the shiny top coat. I taped off the edges and painted the center, easy as that!


Follow the steps on the can and see the tips from my chalkboard frame and it should turn out just fine!

3 thoughts on “Chalkboard Everything!

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  2. Yes, chalkboard everything and spray paint the rest! Keep painting and posting. Hey I just noticed you have the ABOUT.ME thingee below this. I can’t get my photo to come up. Any hints. I did everything the site told me to do but it just won’t transfer over to my blog. Thanks.

    • I love that! “Chalkboard everything and Spray paint the rest!” To get my photo to show up, you have to go to the widget section in your dashboard. If you already have the widget selected to appear, you just edit the settings. In the photo section you just select either none, background photo or profile picture. Mine is set to profile picture. Then make sure you save it and it should show up. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with! Thanks for stopping by!

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