Red Cat: 1 Cat Trap: 0

Yesterday I posted about the “Cat Traps”Β  that we put out. It was really just a box we set outside. If you have a cat, you know what happens when you set an empty box anywhere, leave a cabinet open or clear off a space on your desk so you can study. These are all various forms of cat traps. Well the past few days have been rainy and cold (for Florida anyway) and the box we put outside was pretty finished. Apparently the cat wasn’t finished with it, though!


This was how it started a few days ago..


Then we come home from the grocery store to find this..


In case you’re thinking we just happened to catch him at a funny moment while he was rolling around, we actually had time to go inside, put the groceries down, find both of our cameras (my mom and I) and take several photos from different angles…


How ridiculous is this cat?


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