Chevron Door

So I used to have my own apartment and was independent and all that non-sense. Independence was fun, but being broke all the time was not! So… I moved back in with my parents and went back to school. I must say I have no regrets about that decision! I only have a 3 semesters left (so close yet so far away!) and I’ve gotten loads of bonding time with my family. I first moved back home about 3 years ago into my brothers old room and after living in an all white apartment for quite some time, I guess I was starved for color. I painted the room red… like bright Miami party type red…

IMG01468-20100701-0045 (22)


It was fun for a little bit, but far from calming! After about two years, I came to my senses and painted it a nice seafoamy-teal type color. For some reason, the AC closet in our home is built right into my bedroom. It has this tiny little door that I used to imagine led to a secret hiding room when I was little. Oh childhood… When you open it, all you see is a big, noisy, somewhat dusty tank. Not very exciting, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t make the outside cute! At first I thought about making the outside a different color from the other walls, but that was too boring. I decided to try a chevron thing. I removed all of the hardware from the door first: knob, hinges, etc.. then I took it out to the garage and taped out the chevrons.


For this I used a ruler and a pencil. I decided I want the chevrons to be about 6in and the gaps to be a foot, so I made tick marks all down the sides. Then for the middle I did the same, but I started about 6in down so the depth of the chevrons would be about 6in. I probably should have taken pictures of this, I know… I’m learning. I didn’t want anything too bright, because the chevrons are busy enough. When I went to Home Depot I already had grey in mind and apparently it was meant to be! I ALWAYS check the oops paint section in Home Depot (sometimes I will go there JUST to check it, if I’m honest) and what do you know… there was a sample size grey there! So the paint for this only cost me 50 cents! Small blessings!


Anyway, I painted it and this was how it turned out…


I used a small foam roller so the paint went on smoothly with no brush streaks.


I absolutely love it! I have a confession though. I had to update this post, because somehow all the pictures got erased, and after almost 8 months, I still have not replaced the door knob and hinges… I guess I should do that at some point…

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